Unique Solutions

Portable Roller Skate Bearing & Small Parts Cleaner

Fits Bearings up to 29mm in diameter

Bearing Cleaner Comparison Chart

Cleans a full set of 16 bearings all at once! Fast and easy!
Conveniently sized for everyday storage and retrieval.

Full Set of 16 Bearings Loaded
Sample image of parts rack loaded with full set of 16 skate bearings

Skate Bearing Power Jet Washer & Cleaner Closeup
Sample image of power jet washer in action.

Add batteries and fill to just submerge pump with your preferred bearing cleaner.*
Load bearings in racks.
Align nozzle and switch on power to pump.
Spin outer race of bearing with finger while cleaning. Cleaning jet power flushes bearings.
Dry and lubricate as you see fit.


American Made - Field tested for quality and endurance

These are all Brand New and individually assembled and tested by hand.

Quick, easy battery replacement makes charging a thing of the past
NO internal rechargeable battery or charger to worry about
Just add batteries and your favorite bearing wash

Recommend alkaline batteries (1.5v) or Ni-Zn rechargeable (1.6v)
- Don’t use Ni-Cd or Ni-Mh… they don’t have the required voltage (oomph is essential)
Proper voltage is required for pump efficiency
Follow all common battery safety procedures like NOT mixing old and new batteries or battery types!

Operating Ambient Temperature - +5 C˚to +60 C˚ or 35˚ F to 140˚ F
Can be used with warm water up to 48˚ C / 120˚ F in colder climes - so long as you keep contents from freezing
Submersible Pump Temperature Rating:
- Keep fluid temp between 5˚ C and 48˚ C or 35˚ F and 120˚ F at all times

Hand soldered & shrink wrapped connections
Battery box contact points are pre-treated with anti-corrosive for your convenience… always a good idea!
Individually Tested
Light thermoplastic
Batteries NOT included


All sales are final so please read the instructions and exercise caution!
Batteries and liquids don’t play well together!
Maintenance procedures such as draining and cleaning are recommended
Thoroughly drain before storing

*Choose your bearing cleaner carefully!
Refrain from using flammable or harsh cleaning agents.
Wear eye protection!

Showing Bearing Rotation on Skate Bearing Power Jet Washer
Spinning the outer race of the bearings while power flushing them is the best way to clean bearings completely.

Showing Recommended Bearing Flushing method on Skate Bearing Power Jet Washer
Flush the bearings from the top down while spinning each bearing.
I recommend permanently removing the shields on one side of your skate bearings
and mounting the open sides inwards towards the center of the wheel.
This way you only have to deal with them one time…
and successive cleanings are a breeze.
Just remember to make sure your wheels innards are clean too.

Showing Swivel Adjustable Nozzle on Skate Bearing Power Jet Washer
Power wash jet nozzle is swivel adjustable